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Donation Success Stories

Arizona shelter to receive beds for Christmas

jessica-150x150.jpgIt was the dream of Jessica Jessica Masiello who volunteers with the dogs at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control facility in Mesa Arizona to see each dog sleep off the floor on a cozy Kuranda bed by Christmas eve.  This was not a small dream since there are over 324 dogs at that shelter.   Thanks to the support of dog lovers as far away as Iowa, her dream is coming true! 

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Elevated beds keep the animals dry and cozy

We want to make the surroundings and accommodations for the animals at Metro Animal Services the best they can be, and the Kuranda beds play a big part in that goal,” said Jackie Gulbe, director of community relations for Metro Animal Services, Louisville, KY.

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Groomer raises money for beds for Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County dogs

montgomery-150x150.jpgOur clients have really opened up to help out. We have enough right now to buy about 15,” he said of the $580 they have collected from clients since Nov. 7.

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Taylor Animal Shelter taking donations of Kuranda-brand dog beds to help keep dogs off the concrete floors.

TaylorTx-199x300.jpg“The dogs have to stay in their kennels,” Voytek said. “They sleep there and poop there and pee there and eat there — all in the same spot. With the beds, it’s a little more comfy for them. One dog has been in the shelter so long, she has little sores on her elbows from the concrete, like bedsores.”

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Dog wash cleans up for new beds for Arizona shelter!

Congratulations to Jessica and her team who spent Saturday afternoon washing dogs from tiny to giant sizes and raised almost $700 for Kuranda beds for the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control!

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Norfolk Animal Care Center captures great pose

Kudos to volunteer Pam Painter of the Norfolk Animal Care Center for catching Ringo at such the perfect moment and created a custom donation icon!


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City of Tulsa Animal Welfare appeals to animal lovers

Congratulations to the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare for their innovative way of getting beds donated.  They put an appeal in the utility flyer that accompanies utility bills.  It went out to the entire City of Tulsa, and over 40 beds were donated!

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Life is no bed of roses for the dogs at the Great Falls Animal Shelter

So volunteer Jack Logozzo launched a one-man campaign to raise $2,030 for the purchase of 40 hard-to-chew, longer lasting beds which were donated within two weeks!!

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40 Montana shelter dogs sleep comfortably on Kuranda beds

Bonnie Hodges of Whitefish couldn’t get the image of animal shelter dogs sleeping on concrete out of her mind.   She created a bed drive and was able to get a bed donated for every dog in the Flathead County Animal Shelter!  “People are so good,” Hodges said. “They see where there’s a need and they are pleased to help. It’s making magic.” Read the full story...

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"It's just the right thing to do" in Evansville, IN

Upgrading the doghouse Donation buys bedding for animal shelter inhabitants By Gavin Lesnick (Contact) Thursday, February 21, 2008 See the videos/ More than 20 new chewproof beds were provided by a $1,000 donation from dog trainer and Evansville Animal Control and Education Commission President Marlin Beck. More beds are hoped to be added as more donations come in. Before this week, dogs at Evansville's Animal Control shelter slept on a concrete floor.

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